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August 13, 2009

Am I settling back into “real life”?

Or do I have no idea what my “real life” is anymore since I haven’t been living it for so long?  This is a question I ask myself everyday.  I’ll let you know when I figure out the answer.

But we are back from our trip and it was a really fabulous time.  I still can’t believe that Neal and I actually spent 2 1/2 weeks alone without a care in the world, except where to eat for dinner.  We took pictures (duh), but I have to admit that they were on my old-school camera and thus the film needs to be “developed” (see online resource if you don’t remember what film developing is 🙂 ).  So pictures will follow eventually when I start doing “real” things again.

In the meantime, let me tell you just a few highlights:

The Oregon coast — AMAZING!  Mapquest Wheeler, Oregon and you’ll see where Neal is now set on ending up.  This was actually Neal’s favorite part of the whole trip and he decided that it was worth the expense of cruising to Alaska just for him to see the Oregon sand dunes et al.

Ballroom dance class — this deserved to be mentioned second because I still cannot believe I got Neal to take a ballroom dance class with me (on the cruise ship) and that he didn’t hate it.  Unreal.

Glacier calving — also AMAZING!  We saw a huge sheet of ice fall, which the naturalist said was pretty unusual and lucky (unless you attribute it to man-made climate change, then it could be viewed as very unfortunate).  Can’t believe how loud the “white thunder” is; can’t believe how big the tidal wave was that it created.

Wedding ring lost — now this is funny because I only wore it 1 day of the whole cruise (I decided that I didn’t want people to think we were living in sin, especially since I was going by Larson since that’s what my passport still says) and on that day I took it off to put on sunscreen.  It now lives somewhere in Skagway, Alaska.  I was a little sad at first, but now I feel a sense of relief (no more ring-wearing guilt as I mentioned in an earlier post).


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