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December 4, 2009

Vanity revisited

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Way back in about August of 2008, I started a blog post entitled, Vanity is not one of my vices, which I never finished and posted because I was waiting on photo developing (oh that old-fashioned process).  I have posted it below for your reading pleasure, but have since found out something very important: I may be as vain as the next person, I just hadn’t discovered what I was vain about yet!

And then it hit me after the 28-week ultrasound when I once again proclaimed that baby girl has my nose, my Larson nose.  I am vain about my nose.  I really like it.  Neal’s is okay, but I just think mine is much more fitting for our progeny.  Apparently, I’m in love with my nose.  I never even suspected it before.

Life . . . what a wonderful time of self-discovery, no?


One early morning in May, the most unexpected thing happened.  Raw sewage started flowing out of our toilet, bathtub, kitchen drain, and furnace room drain.  Needless to say this caused quite a stir . . . and stench.  When all was said and done, I lost only a few pieces of clothing (thank heavens since there is virtually nothing I hate more than clothes shopping!) but nearly all of my shoes.  These two pairs survived:

The Danskos on the left were fortuitously at the cleaners.

The Danskos on the left were fortuitously at the shoe repair shop.

While Neal repeatedly told me that I needed to get some replacement shoes because these were just too ugly to be my ONLY shoes, I resisted for some time (mainly because of the aforementioned shopping aversion).  Finally, after two months, I caved and we purchased these to create a more well-rounded shoe collection:

Sadly for Neal, I rejected “cute” or “sexy” shoes and just went for functional.  He wishes I were a little more vain about footwear (and clothing and make-up and hair sty . . . you get the picture :)).



  1. Poor Neal. 🙂 Although, those black ones have potential. I’d have to see them from another angle. Hehe.

    Comment by Elizabeth H — December 5, 2009 @ 1:41 am

  2. So does this make four pairs of shoes? I am mightily impressed. I like the idea of living off two pair, but haven’t quite figured out how to pull that one off. I love the nose vanity. I think is Stephen and I ever have a girl we’ll each be praying she doesn’t get our noses.

    Comment by Rachel C. — December 5, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

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