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August 3, 2010

Remember that one time Addison turned four months old?

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This is about that long-ago time (June 16).  I forgot to post it.


14 pounds (she was not-quite 11 pounds at 2 months)

24.25 inches (she only grew about half an inch in 2 months — she’s well on her way to being about 4’9″ 🙂 Now we think that the nameless relative who talked about her really short legs was on to something.)


  1. Sleeping at night — a couple of weeks ago she did her longest sleep to date, 12.5 hours
  2. Music — see some of her faves here, here, and here
  3. New people, even large groups
  4. The great outdoors


  1. Being put down for a nap even when she’s ridiculously tired (no, ESPECIALLY when she’s ridiculously tired)
  2. Pacifiers — we tried a couple of different types, but have finally figured out that she just doesn’t have a really strong sucking urge.  She likes to tongue, lick, and bite but doesn’t care much for prolonged sucking.  Oh well, one less habit to break.


  1. Boyfriend — Bronco/The Claw, a biker who had knee replacement surgery at a young age, was her flavor-of-the-month for May; she has since confessed that she was only with him to irritate me*
  2. Sitting up unassisted
  3. Standing up, with the aid of furniture
  4. Rolling over — she only does stomach to back so far, but once she did it right over her changing pad, which is uphill both ways in the snow . . . oh wait, wrong story
  5. Having ginormous thighs
  6. Getting her foot in her mouth — toes licked, check

* You may be sensing that a certain member of my family has a very active imagination.

To celebrate such a momentous event as turning 4 months, we put her in a spiffy new dress (lovingly handmade by the visiting teachers of Neal’s mom, Lorie):

and went to Guru’s for some amazing sweet potato fries (she didn’t get any, and we were mostly there to see our good old friends the Heinzens, but we didn’t tell Addison that . . . she was too excited to burst her bubble):

Even Neal dressed up for the occasion:

Being that cute and awesome all day definitely wore our little lady out unseasonably early . . . and in a position we’ve never seen her fall asleep in, before or since:



  1. The female version of Bronco better stay far away from here!

    Comment by Cranney — August 3, 2010 @ 5:40 pm

  2. Very funny and cute.

    Comment by Audrey — August 4, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

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