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August 11, 2010

Re-learn French in two months or less, check

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One of the main reasons that I did less thesis work in California than planned is that just before we left we found out that Neal had to finish his last GE requirement (French 202) pronto, or it would hold up his graduation plans (for reasons only understood by the great BYU bureaucracy).

Well, I’m more than a little surprised to say that he began the independent study course on 25 June and wrapped it up yesterday — six weeks!  And he pulled off an A- despite having no contact with the language since graduating high school in 2002.

Of course, the ironic thing is that Neal had FINALLY convinced me that he should just plow through a course and not worry about the grade — just aim for that 60% so we could move forward with our lives.  So bad news for him: now I know what he’s really capable of and he won’t talk me into anymore less-than-stellar academic performances.



  1. Amazing! I only know one other person who had taken an online class and has not petitioned for an extension on the deadline for finishing (which, last I knew, is like a year or something!). 6 weeks and an A-, sweet! That definitely sets a good example to me for starting and finishing the research project I need to do to finish the course I took an incomplete in Spring semester!

    Comment by Vickie Blanchard — August 11, 2010 @ 11:36 pm

  2. Wow! I am very impressed, I’m not sure I could pass that course with a year to do it.

    Comment by Jolene — August 12, 2010 @ 3:54 pm

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