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December 13, 2010

Baby update: Nine months

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18 pounds, 5 ounces (she was 15 pounds, 13 ounces at 6 months)

26.25 inches (our baby finally grew [1.5 inches]!  Huzzah!  Maybe she’ll crack 4’11” after all.)

By popular request (read: my mom), we asked our pediatrician for her percentiles and they are, predictably, 40th percentile for weight and 11th percentile for height.  That’s our little fatty, shrimpy shrimp.  [Shrimp is among my most commonly-used nicknames for her, though today I unexpectedly busted out Rudy McCankles in honor of her adorable cankles — what do you think, should it stick?]


  1. KIDS — we’ve been using babysitters a lot lately, and Addison especially loves the ones that have little kids to play with, though it’s better if the kids are older since she’s still a bit of a bully [latest story to come].
  2. Milk — this is me putting a positive spin on the frustrating fact that Addison virtually refuses to eat solids . . . pretty sure my milk must be laced with cocaine.
  3. Grocery shopping — she loves to sit in the cart, waving and smiling at everyone we pass.  What can I say, she’s the star of Smith’s grocery store!
  4. Grape tomatoes — as I mentioned before, this is the only solid food she will eat consistently.
  5. Removing hats, etc. — Addison pretty much thinks that things on people’s heads is the funniest thing ever, only made funnier by her removing them . . . over and over again.
  6. Being handed things, and then handing them back — over and over and over.  But beware her wrath if you fail to hand something back in a timely manner!


  1. Solid foods — still.
  2. Diaper changes — about 50% of the time we see a bare bum crawling away from us as quickly as possible before we have the chance to cover it.
  3. Not getting her way — she’s still a sweetheart to be sure, but we are getting glimpses of stubborn toddlerhood headed our way.


  1. Crawling — this happened for the first time on 21 September, so around the 7-month mark, but since I haven’t done an official “baby update” since 6 months, it was due to be mentioned.
  2. Standing unassisted — she has only managed this for 10-15 seconds at a time, but still, it’s a little alarming how fast she is working towards walking . . . I mean, didn’t she just start crawling???
  3. Cruising — for those not into the baby lingo, this is when she pulls herself to a standing position and scoots along a piece of furniture or between multiple pieces of furniture; in other words, she’s really moving!  And she desperately wants to take those first steps, though thankfully, she’s not quite there yet!
  4. Kissing — she’s still a beginner (which means it can get a little awkward at times), but she will give us the sweetest little kisses on request.
  5. Waving — this was all the rage for about a week UNTIL she learned . . .
  6. Pointing — she just wants to make sure you see what she sees, so her index finger is almost always extended in the most adorable fashion.  Of course, it was a little alarming at first when, at church, she turned toward someone I didn’t know, pointed, and laughed.  Hopefully, they took no offense at an infant’s favorite gesture.  And for times when pointing isn’t enough . . .
  7. Double pointing — this has got to be one of my favorites; she bust outs the double point when she’s especially excited, usually accompanied by squeals of delight.
  8. Words — Neal and I were debating her first word, but I think he eventually agreed that she was using da-da to refer to him specifically.  Since then she’s added three more to her repertoire (although she’s asked me to note that she isn’t a trained monkey who will perform on demand — she gets that attitude from her dad, no doubt):

* Yeah (or yay or yea, I’m not sure how she spells it), only exclaimed while clapping

* Do — nose, her Great Grandma taught her about noses and she’s a big fan (especially in combination with the aforementioned pointing)

* Dodo — doggy, this one was really solidified in California since a number of dog-walking neighbors pass my parents’ house multiple times per day

This particular update took me a long time to finish (she’s 10 months this week as a matter of fact).  It turns out that the 6 to 9 month period is especially fruitful.  They learn so much and the adorable quotient just skyrockets.  If you haven’t seen our Rudy McCankles lately, you better get on that!  She’s changing every day . . . I can’t believe how fast they grow up (pretty sure I’m the only parent who has ever said that)!

Since I didn’t give you any pictures for the weekend, here’s a few to tide you over:

The Point

The Clap

The Crawl

The Smile



  1. Could her smile be any cuter?! Maddie just started standing on her own too. She likes to throw in a couple squats in between her standing bouts. =) We just started baby proofing our place…so many places she wants to explore!

    Comment by Soo — December 13, 2010 @ 5:47 am

  2. Double point made me crack up! Babies are so funny

    Comment by Emily T — December 13, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

  3. I’ve been working on a post very similiar to this for a week or so and it will be some time before I finish, I think.

    I just love learning more about baby Addison. I’m crazy about that girl!!

    Comment by Jen — December 13, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

  4. Man those cheeks look kissable! Reading this brought back so many fun memories of Katie at this age . . . yes, I can laugh about Katie not liking not much more than tomatoes for a long time now that she is a weaned 17 month old! (Addison will get there . . . no rush!) Except the height thing: Katie was 26 inches when she was 4 months. Looks like our girls are at opposite ends of the height spectrum! Thank goodness they are both chubby though! 🙂

    Comment by Vickie Blanchard — December 14, 2010 @ 1:41 am

  5. My baby is on the shrimp scale too:) maybe she will eventually catch up, when she’s like 10!! Haha. Having them be short isn’t a problem though:) you get to use their clothes longer! Which, by the way, how long was addison in her respective clothes size? By your approximation?2 months, 3, ???

    Comment by Carissa — December 17, 2010 @ 12:19 am

    • I agree about the clothes. I’m so shopping-averse that this was a huge blessing for us, I think. In general, Addison was in her respective sizes for about 2 months after, so she could still wear 3-mo clothes until 5 months; 6-mo clothes until 8 months, etc. Actually, though, it seems like clothing sizes vary so much…she is still wearing some 6 month clothes but can’t fit into some 9 month. Go figure!

      Comment by llcall — December 18, 2010 @ 5:04 pm

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