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January 19, 2011

Git ‘er done 2011: “The project”

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Yes, indeed, the first big accomplishment of 2011 — the year o’ accomplishments — is officially done.  It’s funny because if I had a nickel for every time I said or wrote “the project” over the last three months, we wouldn’t have needed to do “the project” because we’d be freakin’ RICH!!!

Because the curriculum we developed is proprietary, we can’t really show anyone the completed product.  But let me just say, that it looks awesome and the company we contracted with was very pleased.  Neal really knows his business — even if it was sort of an accidental expertise to develop.

We owe a ginormous thank you to a lot of people, but I think I must leave that for another post because I’ve got a class to be at in four hours and a ridiculous mound of laundry to work on before I can be presentable for said class.  Let the next “project” begin . . .





    Comment by Vickie Blanchard — January 19, 2011 @ 8:04 pm

    • I’m working with now-Professor Dyer (I think you knew him, didn’t you? or his sister?) on a research seminar, teaching undergrads to work with the data set we collected in Illinois. It’s very exciting!

      Comment by llcall — January 19, 2011 @ 8:54 pm

      • What?!?!?!?!

        That’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Professor Dyer. I like the sound of that.

        Comment by Brandon — January 20, 2011 @ 3:12 am

  2. Soooooooo glad! Now we can officially talk again, be human, and dress in something other than pajamas, right?
    Neal and Lindsay, many congrats, and I do know that Neal knows his stuff! You are both such smart cookies.
    And crumbling is not in the master plan, so forget about it! Your babe will be happy for your smiles. 🙂

    Comment by Lorie Call — January 19, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

    • You’ll have to take that up the pajama thing with Neal since he’s responsible for dressing the babe (and himself) most days, but yes, we’ll try to be human again 🙂

      Comment by llcall — January 19, 2011 @ 8:52 pm

  3. YAY!! I bet that feels amazing!! So glad it all turned out well, too!! Woohoo!!!!!!! 🙂

    Comment by Jenn — January 19, 2011 @ 10:45 pm

  4. yay! Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I knew you could do it 🙂

    Comment by Kristin — January 20, 2011 @ 5:08 am

  5. I am so so so SO SO happy for you. This is tremendous news.

    Comment by Sara K.S. Hanks — January 20, 2011 @ 8:03 am

  6. Awesome. That sounds interesting. I would love to hear more details sometime. (when you’re not sick/busy/working/etc.) You are a busy woman.

    Comment by Audrey — January 20, 2011 @ 5:01 pm

  7. YAY! I’m so happy you made it! 🙂 No nervous breakdown or going crazy after all.

    Comment by Sabrina — January 20, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

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