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May 21, 2011

Dilemmas, dilemmas

First off, I was taught to spell the word “dileMNa.”  Some people have told me that I was simply misspelling that word for years, but since I’m a lot like this lady, a compulsive dictionary-checker who never writes a word I’m not certain I know how to spell, that is very unlikely.  And so I’m thankful to Neal’s sister Robin, a fellow “dilemna”-speller, for pointing out that there are many of us, now able to commiserate via the internet!  But rest assured that I’ve adapted to the dileMMa spelling, so that’s not one of my dilemmas at the moment.

The dilemma I am facing now is of the thesis-variety.  I’ve been contemplating whether I even have the energy to explain.  After about four days of trying, I have concluded that indeed I do not have the energy to explain my thesis dilemma.  It involves the (often unnecessary) split between qualitative and quantitative researchers (I consider myself a mixed methods researcher, but my philosophy of science is definitely more aligned with qualitative researchers) and the fact that qualitative data analysis is maybe 200 times more time-consuming than quantitative data analysis.

The other dilemma is how much I’ve been itching for some travel lately.  I am contemplating all sorts of wild trips, including the ca-rrrrazy cross-country roady I first discussed here.  Since travel is not easy for me physically, I thought my desires would kind of recede as I got older.  But in almost two years, I’ve only been to three states (CA, NV, and CO) — and I can tell from the twitch I’ve developed whenever I use Google Maps, that just isn’t enough.  But I do have a plan . . . I always have a plan!  If I can get a paper finished and submitted in 7 days, then I will have a reason to go to a conference in Florida later this year (and Disneyworld, of course).  Hopefully I can swing by another state or two!  Ready, go!

Also, in my opinion,  it really wouldn’t be the worst thing if tomorrow set off the beginning of the end of the world.  But just in case, you better check out these fantastic pictures first . . .

This is just a teaser . . . you know you wanna see the rest.



  1. LOL- The basset hound running- and that otter is so cute (as is the hedgehog), and I know the girls are going to love looking at these pics! 🙂 And I totally know what you mean about getting the itch to travel. I have this horrible habit of looking places up on google maps that I have always wanted to visit and then mapping out road trips and places to stop along the way. I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE!!! But I also hate long road trips with a baby. K-I-L-L-E-R! *sigh*

    BTW, did you notice I only really respond to posts not many people have responded to? I guess it’s my way of keeping a low profile- since I always hated having any attention drawn to me. 🙂 BTW, ypu’re still here and weren’t taken, right?

    Comment by Ishkhanoohie — May 23, 2011 @ 3:30 am

  2. One of those other states should be Maryland. 😉 Soon you’ll have two cousins to visit and a whole bunch of other buds.

    Comment by Audrey — May 23, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

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