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August 20, 2011

Yard sale day +

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sick, feverish baby = ridiculously exhausted!!

Counting on adrenaline to get us through.  Stop by this morning if you’re in the Provo area!


August 10, 2011

“Right there bump”

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This is Addison’s best and most consistent sentence.  I’m sure we hear it at least 22 times a day.  She is one of those kids that narrates every bump, bruise, and scrape.  She also has an amazing memory for precisely where she has been bumped and by what.  There was one particular table at the Harrises’ house (on our visit to Colorado) that got the serious cold shoulder after it bumped her.

She says a few other sentences like “I see?” when she wants you to show her something — although perhaps it is more a command than a question.  She also says “got/get Daddy” after she’s scared or tickled Neal.  I think she learned this one so quickly because when I’m on the computer and trying to buy a couple more seconds of time, I always tell her to “go get Daddy!”

Her language has really exploded over the last couple of weeks — she’s not such a grunter anymore.  Now when I am in the bathroom and she wants my immediate attention, she stands outside the door and yells, “Ma! . . . Ma! . . . Ma!”  No more babbling “mama,” now it’s a slightly-annoyed “Ma!”  I suppose I should get a video of it to capture her inflection — on the to-do list!

August 8, 2011

Moving, part II

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There were some questions after my “We’re moving” post . . . the chief one being, where to?  Did I not mention that?!  Duh.  The answer is Southern California where I grew up.  We’re planning to chill with my parents for awhile.  More details to come . . . we’re making this up as we go along!!

After exploring a number of moving options (thanks for the suggestions!), we decided that the value of our stuff just doesn’t merit the expense of most major moving options. Soooo, MOVING SALE!  If you’re on the market for any random thing, check out this nifty blog Neal made.  We’ll be adding to it over the next couple of days as we start clearing stuff out and figuring out what I am willing and able to part with (if it were up to Neal, he would sell every.single.thing we own and I would go into cardiac arrest).  Then on Saturday, August 20 at 8:00 am we’ll have a yard sale with whatever’s left.

As for the whole party thing, Neal wouldn’t hear of it . . . so I’m calling it a SHINDIG instead!  Come say goodbye if you’re in the area: Friday, August 19, 5:30-7:30 at our house.

Addison and I fly on the 24th . . . I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to go like a whirlwind!

August 2, 2011

She’s a little strange . . .

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But in all the best ways.

Exhibit A

For months when we asked her to lay down for a diaper change or wipe, she did this:

And believe me, we never taught her that.

Exhibit B

Lately, we’re trying to teach her to say thank you.  Although we’ve taught her some basic baby signs, she’s mostly let go of signing in favor of speaking/grunting.  So we decided just to stick to a verbal thank you.  But it has become clear in the last few days that Addison has made up her own sign for thank you . . . and, I kid you not, it is to shake her fist at you three times.  Picture this if you’re not getting a mental image:

I know some people are going to think that we’re a little mischievous as parents and do things like stick her in the laundry cart, or make up our own versions of children’s books, or shove her in the washing machine (oh, have I never posted pictures of that?), but seriously, we were on the up and up with this one — we actually thought it would be a good idea if she knew how to say thank you.  But shaking her fist is good too, I guess.

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