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January 29, 2012

Baby update: 18 months

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I thought I better finish this one up too if I’m going to post about two years (which is right around the corner — crazy!) in a timely manner.


23 pounds, 3 ounces (she was 20 pounds, 7 ounces at 12 months)

31.25 inches (she was 27.75 inches at 12 months)

From 12 months to 18 months, she stayed around the 40th percentile for weight but she shot way up in the height percentiles — from 11 to 40+ (I lost the handout from the doctor so I don’t know the precise number).  She may top my Grandma Larson’s 4′ 11″ after all!


Let’s see . . . what are 18-month milestones?  Truthfully, all the “firsts” that are coming to mind are tantrum-related.  We moved right around the 18-month mark, and although at the time we were not sure what was causing so many temperamental changes (she was also cutting a lot of teeth in very short order), in hindsight I think the move affected her quite a bit.  She had one very-large, very-inconsolable tantrum in July, but by the time we hit late August to early September, she was tantruming frequently.  It was traumatic enough for this mommy that I have another post draft devoted to the topic, so for now let’s stick with the cute stuff!

First reading:  She started to point out any writing she saw and carefully “read” it: E-C-C.  Neal couldn’t figure out why E-C-C, but I suspect it was her version of A-B-C.  (Funny side note: our local NPR affiliate is KPCC and every time Addison hears them identify their station, she shouts out, “E-C-C”!)

First time saying all the colors:  Her pronunciation was actually pretty accurate, except for yellow (ye-yow), orange (ange — it’s impossible to communicate how cute her pronunciation is via the written word, but this is my favorite), and green (gee or een or ree — she likes to switch it up).  My mom, ever the doting grandmother, thinks she is remarkably gifted at color identification (she’s certainly the most gifted child I’ve ever had).  But I’ll admit, we owe most of her color recognition to the “Colors of Passover” page from the My First Passover Board Book we checked out from the library.

First time actually contemplating her responses to questions: Maybe one of my favorite things was that she started to sometimes ponder the answers to questions before just blithely responding.  We started to get a lot of “Um, um . . . yeah.”  Even simple questions like should we change your diaper? suddenly seemed so existential.

First conversations:

L: Are you my Cutes McGee?

A: No.  Add-son.  Add-son.  [patting her hand on her chest for further clarification]

L: Are you Sneaky Trickerson?

A: Yes.

She’s very earnest about who she is and who she is not.  Also, sometimes when she says her name it sounds like “Awesome,” which is awesome.

Kaila (a good friend who came to visit): You’re getting so big!

A:  No.  Yittle. [pause and then pointing to Kaila]  Big.

She also claims the right to self-identify.  Don’t even try to put her in a box (unless it’s an actual box).

First olives:

First time taking off her diaper while supposedly napping (the diaper is up by her head):

First time getting good and messy at mealtime (seriously, Neal was very strict about eating etiquette — he wouldn’t have anything to do with this scene):

First beach day:

Favorite words and phrases:

  • thank you (deet doo — did I already say something else was my favorite? Because this is really my favorite!)
  • how are you (my Dad taught her this one, and even though she mostly articulates it correctly, sometimes it sounds hilariously similar to Corky’s Cockney accent in the final scene of Waiting for Guffman)
  • Daddies-san and Mommy-san (this was a cute, but short-lived phase of emulating Mr. Miyagi)
  • SELF! (in addition to shouting SELF frequently, she was actually learning to do a lot of things for herself, which can be scary and exciting and more than a little time-consuming)
  • ME!
  • TWO! (this is her version of again, said with a finger raised for added emphasis; we heard it a lot, especially at the end of every ride on our trip to Disneyworld)
  • sad baby, happy baby (sometimes when she’s supposed to be napping, we hear her instead repeating this phrase, acting it out herself and with her stuffed animals — she’s just really into emotions!)

And now for a picture dump:

Favorite places:

Under my grandparents' coffee table

In the washer

On the back patio, usually pants-less

At our ward party

Around the house

And there you have it, caught up to the present day!  (I mean, except for those 100 other post drafts.)  Phew.



  1. Gosh darn she is cute

    Comment by tinystepsbigjourney — January 30, 2012 @ 3:24 am

  2. So do you think we’ll get the 2 year stats on time or do we have to wait? Such a cutie! And so full of personality. Love her.

    Comment by Ishkhanoohie — January 30, 2012 @ 4:19 pm

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