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August 18, 2014

June – July: Travel

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Despite the insanity of working 50+ hours per week for much of the summer, I didn’t scrap my travel theme. Tickets were already purchased and family reunions awaited!

First stop, Idaho (by way of Denver airport, which I’ve become quite fond of — Wolfgang Puck’s, Ben and Jerry’s, and a per diem are a truly magical combination — and may have bested Chicago O’Hare as the airport I have spent the longest amount of time in). I didn’t take any pictures in Idaho because I was mostly conferencing for work, but I am a little bummed that I didn’t snag even a single shot from the last day and a half spent with 3 of the dearest people in the world. But they know they’re on my best friend “tier,” so I guess we’re good.

I barely had time to get home, work 2 days, and pack before we were off to Utah for Neal’s family reunion. Once again, our camera came up empty when I tried to look back at the pictures. But thank goodness for Aunt Robin-Elise, our resident documentary historian. She perfectly captured the wide variety of activities that Addison was able to squeeze into 2 short days.

A little racquetball…

reunion 13 reunion 4 reunion 5

 Some pool…

reunion 12

 Volleyball…or is that a violation?

reunion 6

Sand play with many children to boss around direct; several “souffles” were prepared

reunion 9

 A touch of Scrabble…

reunion 10

 Swimming and hot tubbing…

reunion 20 reunion 3

 Family bondage, of course…

reunion 16 reunion 15 reunion 14

 General merriment and cuteness… 

reunion 1reunion 2

 (Clearly, no vacation is complete without Neal’s signature shrug…)

reunion 19

Family pictures, which Addison reluctantly participated in if only she could join another family group (she’s all the way over there, second from the end) with all her new friends. (The curse of being an only grandchild, right alongside the blessing of being part of an extended family group of at least 150 cousins.)

reunion 7

 The only thing missing from this vacation for us…

reunion 17

Our little extrovert was so ridiculously wired that even after we withdrew to my Grandma’s quiet house for sleep, she was running the hall until 10:00 or 11:00 every night. Why are ample sleeping opportunities always lost on the young?

Uncle Tristan (sleeper on the floor in the above photo) made his way back to California with us (also sleeping at every opportunity). Wii was played:

DSCN9918 smaller

 And tears were shed when it was time to send him on his way. Come again!

Next stop of the summer, Orange. We spent a quick 4th of July weekend with my parents, Anne, and Chris and Rish’s family. While everyone else seemed to enjoy the fireworks, Neal and I stayed home — who goes out at 8:00 pm??? Our weekend highlight was an impromptu temple trip, movie (new Captain America at the dollar theater), and sushi dinner. Thanks, Mom!

Happily for Neal, that was the end of his summer travels. But I still had one more mind-blowing trip ahead of me…


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