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November 23, 2014

Pictures for the Weekend: Family pics 2013

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You guys know I’m all about the lofty goals. I like to git ‘er done. For the last six months I’ve been aiming high with this one: share family photos taken last Thanksgiving before this Thanksgiving passes.

Four days to spare. Boom.

IMG_2524 resized1 smaller4 5 IMG_2430 re IMG_2390 re IMG_2461 re IMG_2483 re IMG_2486 re IMG_2540 re IMG_2553 re IMG_2621 re IMG_2368 re IMG_2577 re IMG_2611 re

Thanks for the fantastic photos, Cat Palmer!



November 22, 2012

Pictures for the (Thanksgiving) Weekend: Gobble Gobble ARR!

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You guys know I’m NOT into Thanksgiving, but if anything could change my mind it would be this . . .

Who else is glad Neal decided to do THIS for a living?

Wouldn’t it be great if the Pilgrims and the Native Americans AND the Pirates sat down for that first Thanksgiving?

Addison’s love of all things pirate these last few months has certainly opened my eyes to so many interesting possibilities. Have I  mentioned that when she sings the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, it’s a bold, “Little town, it’s a pirate village!”? How much better would that movie be with some pirate talk in the mix?

So anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. If that’s your thing.

September 15, 2012

Video for the Weekend: Shoulder dance!

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Even though I accomplished my goal of learning to post video online this year, I have an abominable record of actually doing so. Lately Neal has been picking up the slack, and this week he posted his three favorite dancing videos of Addison. I’m just crazy about this third video — I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times in the last two days. But dang, that shoulder action just kills me! (Neal’s right, it’s exactly the same movement she makes when she’s trying to avoid physical affection.)

(The only thing I’m not crazy about is my terrible camera work. I seem to be perpetually at sea while shooting video. Maybe improved photography skills should be my goal for next year . . .)

September 2, 2012

Pictures for the (long) Weekend: How do you think “potty learning” is going?

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Are we doing it wrong?

July 21, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: We bleed Dodger Blue!

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This week Addison got her first taste of Major League Baseball. We celebrated my Dad’s birthday at his happiest place on earth, Dodger Stadium. This year is the Stadium’s 50th anniversary, but can you believe my Dad’s first Dodger game was pre-Chavez Ravine era? The Dodger Blue runs deep in this family.

Addison was immediately engrossed in learning the game.

What’s a balk, mommy?

Well dear, there’s a variety of illegal movements a pitcher can make while on the mound. Like if the pitcher fakes a throw to third, but then turns and throws to first instead, he must disengage the rubber after his initial feint. Otherwise it’s a balk.


Um, I need these, Gramps.

Yep, just as I thought, the grass is green down there.

Clearly, Addison was enjoying herself.

Until . . . she wasn’t.

No more pictures!

How many innings did you say this was? I need a book.

And some fancy necklaces.

And to break the camera. Come on, just a little . . .

There were also piggyback rides and running from concession stand to concession stand, though I’m not sure if all that was due to Addison’s boredom or my Mom’s.

Finally, my little miss hit a wall. It was, after all, the 12th inning.

Thankfully, when you stick around for extra innings, you get rewarded with field level seats. And if you’re very lucky, a two-run, walk-off homer from Matt Kemp, which occurred about three seconds after this photo was snapped.

It was a great day to be a Dodger fan!

July 14, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: From the phone

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The ole blog’s been pretty quiet this week. There’s more to say about that (all good things) but there’s 3 kids under the age of 4 running around me right now, so words will have to wait.  In the meantime, some camera pics, old and new:

I know that shots for kids should be sad, but truthfully, we love the post-shot snuggles (plus they have never bothered Addison for longer than a minute or two). 

Date night 2011! Neal and I like to participate in research studies, especially ones where I have a hundred sensors attached to my head while we discuss a marital conflict. Good times.

My mom is part fish. She has loved water from infancy and later picked up swimming (which she still does three times a week at 6:00 am) and diving. She was hoping to convert her kids to water love, but aside from a nice shower, it never quite took. Now she’s trying again with her grandkids.

This is Addison patting and rocking her beloved “dubby.” Dubby AKA “plague bunny” got a lot of play over at Neal’s blog this week, though it was not all complimentary toward the poor thing.

Addison loves to talk on the phone. Here she’s talking to an actual person, Grandma. But sometimes I hear “Hello, China?” (when I asked her what China said, she yelled, “PICKLEWEASEL!”) and “Hi! That’s me” and “Oh, I don’t know. Bye!”

These are really old, but they never get old, you know?

I forgot to post this one from that beach trip last week. In case you can’t tell, she’s wearing a 12-month-size “church” dress. I love this pic because it takes me back to my Girl Scout days when I was teased for consistently going to the beach oddly dressed.

Static at the park!

I have “taken” a picture of this “sign” at least two or three times. Apparently, it’s another thing that never gets “old” for me.

Grammy’s got the coolest office — empty bookcases AND a playground!

First pigtails. Everyone adores her pigtails, which obviously means that about 1.5 minutes after they are put in she smiles sadistically while pulling them out.

June 1, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: Sequences

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Those first two posts were the ones we selected for editing, but as I mentioned, there were about a bazillion other pictures I loved. Like these sequences:




Those final three would make the perfect Addison flip-book — trust me, I’ve scrolled through them quickly about 30 times.

May 26, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: Two-year pics + props

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I hardly know where this week went . . . it was kind of nuts. Not in a bad way, just in an I-could-barely-keep-my-wits-about-me kind of way (wait, does that sound bad?). Hopefully this second installment of two-year pics will help take the edge off.

May 19, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: Two-year pics

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This first installment was meant to go up on Mother’s Day since Nena put in a special request for pictures of Addison in this dress (the ones I took a few months ago were really washed out), but I didn’t select the proofs in time. Really, how can one choose between a couple hundred adorable pictures of your only daughter? I haven’t felt that angsty since high school!

First, credit where credit is due:

May 5, 2012

Pictures for the Weekend: From the interwebs . . .

There haven’t been many visuals on this blog for quite some time. We’re still working out our latest computer saga, which makes picture downloading difficult.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to catalog some things I’ve admired on the interwebs recently.

I love architecture (we even went here on our honeymoon) and books, so 10 Beautiful Buildings Inspired by Famous Books caught my eye right away. I couldn’t decide which was my favorite so here are some I’m particularly drawn to:

Inspiration: Walden

Inspiration: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Inspiration: the poetry of Luis Cernuda (never read him)

Perhaps you can tell I like contemporary art and architecture, and often minimalism. I don’t think the concrete in the final building is particularly aesthetically pleasing to me, but I do think the concept is intriguing.

This next one is dedicated to my love . . . they spoofed our song. [I tried to ascertain who “they” were to source it properly but Google it and you’ll see that it is probably impossible to determine.]

And finally, our latest family pics:

[Once again, no source — I saw it floating around on Facebook.]

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