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January 19, 2010

Momentous events!!

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I made this!!

Well, not this exactly, but a stir-fry.  The noodles and sauce came from a package, but I decided to add chicken and broccoli to make it more nutritious.  Seriously, I cooked a meal AND added additional items without the guidance of a recipe — and it was well-balanced to boot.

Number of nights I’ve slept for at least 8 hours!!

It is ridiculous!!  I’m actually not even sure if I’ve ever done that in my life (I’m a very bad sleeper in general, kind of an insomniac).  God bless Phenergan!!  God bless my midwife for suggesting it!!

In the days before I got the new anti-nausea meds (because of some insurance hassles, it was a week-long process), I jokingly wrote this to a friend:

By tomorrow I think I’ll be like a whole new woman.  What do you think the chances are? 🙂

Well, I totally am!  Who knew???  Not that anyone else could tell the difference because I am still spending about 22 hours a day in bed, but emotionally and physically I can feel a huge difference.  My body is getting stronger and I can weather the ups and downs with more equanimity.

Have I exceeded the number of exclamation points allowed in one blog post, do you think?!


January 15, 2010

The future looks bright . . .

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I have shared enough traumas on this blog, that I ought to share any and all triumphs as well.  And boy am I excited to share a few:

  1. 36 weeks!!! Exactly 4 more weeks until our official due date!
  2. Baby girl has “dropped” (i.e. her head has descended into my pelvis) and is in a perfect position for delivery! I was actually really surprised to hear this news at our appointment yesterday because from what I had read, the dropping often creates a visible change in how you’re carrying the baby and alters your predominant symptoms (more frequent urination, easier breathing, less heartburn/indigestion).  Thus far, I can’t detect any of these changes, but nonetheless, I am ecstatic that she is in such a good position for a smooth labor and delivery!  And barring some anomaly — okay, maybe I shouldn’t bar anomalies at this point — she won’t be able to flip.
  3. New anti-nausea medicine = AWESOME!! So I’m not sure it really alleviates the nausea that much (although I haven’t thrown up since I’ve been on it), BUT it does make me incredibly drowsy and I have slept like a log . . . no, something harder and heavier . . . a brick . . . something ridiculously heavy, an elephant? . . . since I started on it.  Can you believe I’ve slept for 10-11 hours straight for the last 3 nights?  No?  Me neither!  The great thing too is that this is guilt-free sleep.  I struggle with taking medication that will affect baby girl if it is just to alleviate my own symptoms, but since the benefits of me not throwing up, thus becoming dehydrated, thus triggering preterm labor again clearly outweigh the risks for baby, I can get all this glorious sleep while knowing that it is the best thing for both of us.  Oh happy day!!!

I hope you all have a happy day too!

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