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July 28, 2014

April – May: Survive

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I was gonna do ALL THE THINGS this year with 12 monthly themes, but now? Not so much. At least I organized, cooked, and worked.

What was I supposed to be doing in April and May, again? Researching? Writing? Quilting? Yeah, I didn’t do any of those. But I did survive and isn’t that what really matters? We were actually hit with quite a case of the yucks in April. We were all laid up for various lengths of time with colds, flus, and stomach ailments. My family’s camping trip, in the works for almost a year: I missed it. A solid week of work at my new job: slept through it. Addison’s annual visit with my parents so that Neal and I can celebrate our anniversary: vomited through it. BUT I SURVIVED!

By the time May rolled around, I was healthy but had some new things to survive. After having reduced hours in my online teaching the previous semester, they asked me to bump back up to my previous workload of two classes and supervisory responsibilities (it’s cyclical based on a credit-hour cap per year). Then, my new job asked if I could take on some extra hours in May and June to help us finish out the fiscal year. Normally I wouldn’t agree to 50-hour work weeks, but for a variety of long-term planning reasons, we decided to give it a whirl for a semester and see if we all . . . survived. Also, did I mention that in April they asked me to be in the Primary Presidency (overseeing the children at our church) in addition to leading the local Cub Scouts? Thank goodness I’m great with kids, right?! (Or have no idea how to talk to kids – one of those.)

I guess you already know what happened. I survived. All of it. I’m not planning on taking on that much work again anytime soon, but it worked out and our bank account will be much happier come August (I teach on contract so no pay comes in that month). After that month of ill health in April, I felt incredibly blessed and sustained to get through May as well as I did. Especially considering June’s theme . . .


May 28, 2012

Sleeping through the night!

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I do believe our little Addison is finally doing it!

(Except for last night when Neal woke up to her screaming at 2:00 am only to find that practically every square inch of her body was covered in poop, even her hair. Her hair?? Yes, her hair. [I can only imagine the comic he’s planning for this incident.])

(Also, I slept blissfully through the whole pooping/screaming/bathing/laundering ordeal . . . this definitely qualifies as a Lindsay loves Neal post.)

It was interesting to read the responses to my query about how people define “sleeping through the night” (although I’m sorry that I freaked you out, Emily!).  I came away feeling that we would know her “sleeping through the night” was legit when our lives didn’t revolve around it anymore.

It used to be that all our bedtime prayers went something like this: “Please, PLEASE help her sleep tonight.” Repeat. And then again. And rather than good mornings, our days started with “How many times did she wake up last night?” “Did you go in to get her?” [Some people suggested that we shouldn’t go in to her, but I’ll tell you, hearing her yell, “I need help! Help please!” is much harder to ignore than crying or whimpering was. Sometimes the help is needed because she lightly brushed her thumb against the rail and needs a kiss, but sometimes she inexplicably has poop in her hair (see above)].  “How long did she cry?” “Was she wet?” It was probably about two weeks ago that I noticed I had stopped asking those questions in the morning. And our evening prayers were less fervent on the topic because perhaps getting a good night’s sleep would no longer require an act of God.

When Addison first stopped napping around 22 months, I thought losing all that day sleep would help her night sleep. When this didn’t bear out, I desperately wished that she would go back to napping. Despite glimmers of hope occasionally (always when she turned out to be sick), it’s clear that Addison is done with naps (though sometimes when you put things in writing, kids try to prove you wrong — so be it!). But if she falls asleep within an hour of going to bed and doesn’t wake us up during the night, I am more than satisfied. Especially because I seldom do the night shift anyway.

April 26, 2012

Sleeping through the night?

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Neal has asked me to query the blogosphere many times over the last year or so to find out the answer to a question that we thought would be self-evident:

What does it mean when a child “sleeps through the night”?

When a parent says that a child sleeps through the night, does it mean:

  1. they literally don’t wake up at all
  2. they wake up, but don’t make much noise
  3. they wake up, make noise/cry, but put themselves back to sleep on their own
  4. they wake up and make a fuss, but the parents never go in to them

And if it’s options 2, 3, or 4, but they only do it once a week, would most people consider them as sleeping through the night?  Twice a week?  Three times a week?

Do you think there’s a general consensus on this?  Or if not, what’s your definition of “sleeping through the night”?  And do your kids do it?

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